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Jelqing is a gentle massage technique that naturally enlarges the penis by forcing more and more blood through the corpora cavernosa, in effect stretching the corpora cavernosa. Over time this soft tissue keeps stretching allowing more blood to flow, allowing the tissue to stretch even more. It’s ALL about blood flow here, which is why the warm up, cool down, and nutrition aspects are very important in aiding the entire male enhancement process.


In this section I will go over technique, duration of sessions, schedule (when to REST), penis stretching, kegels, and tips. Remember, the information I give here is what has worked for ME. Over time I have learned a few good tips that I believe are beneficial to jelqing. Please always remember the SAFETY precautions before, during, and after jelqing. Aside from properly warming up, and cooling down, jelqing correctly will help ensure you do not injure your member. Squeezing too hard, pulling to hard, jelqing while erect (I do NOT recommend), improper technique, and not enough rest time in between jelqing sessions can ALL lead to discomfort, pain, or even damage.


TECHNIQUE: Remember to WARM UP first. Dont forget the Lubrication. When you jelq, only do it when your penis is between 40-70% erect. Anything less, and your tissue will not be sretched properly to allow enough blood flow to promote the growing process. If you jelq while TOO erect, you might risk injury or damage. The technique used for jelqing is the simple “OK” gesture made with your thumb and index finger, as seen here  ittybittylogo  With this grip position your hand at the base of your penis (go as far as you can). Some people prefer to have their palms inward, and some prefer their palms outward. This is YOUR choice, so do what feels most comfortable and Safe. I prefer my palms inward, just because it feels awkward the other way for me. Now… with your thumb and index finger in the “OK” gesture, wrapped around the base of your penis, with the grip of YOUR choice, squeeze gently. This gentle pressure should be used throughout your entire jelqing stroke. You do not want to apply too much pressure here for fear of injury and discomfort, or too little as you will not force enough blood flow. So again, find a comfortable grip pressure that works for YOU. To begin the jelqing stroke, move your “OK” grip up the shaft of the penis until you reach the glans (the mushroom tip). Do NOT jelq the glans for safety reasons. Your entire stroke up the shaft (with continued applied pressure) should take around three seconds. Remember, you are forcing MORE blood through your Penis to expand it, to allow for even more blood flow, which will promote the growth. Before you get to the glans, (between halfway and three-quarters of the way) have your other hand ready to repeat the motion you performed with your first hand. The idea is to NOT let blood to flow back DOWN the shaft, keeping as much blood in the shaft as possible, while pumping in more, thereby forcing the corpora cavernosa to expand. So… by the time one stroke is almost over, the other stroke is ready to begin trapping in blood , and forcing more blood through. This whole process mimics “milking” a cow.


Perfect! Now lets recap 🙂

  • WARM UP!!!
  • Thumb and Index Finger in “OK” gesture ittybittylogo
  • Grip Base of the Penis as Far Down as Safely, and Comfortably Possible
  • Apply a Safe, Comfortable Amount of Pressure to be Used the Entire Stroke
  • Begin Your Stroke From the Base to the Glans of Your Penis
  • Apply Your Grip and Pressure With the Other Hand BEFORE Reaching the Glans
  • STOP Your Stroke Before Reaching the Glans
  • Repeat the Same Motion and Technique and Grow 🙂
  • COOL DOWN!!!


DURATION OF SESSIONS: During your first week of jelqing, i recommend a light schedule, progressively moving up in duration. I would recommend four sets of 35, with at least a two-minute rest between sets, and two minutes of STRETCHING after that. As with any new exercise, the body parts you work out will be sore at first from not being used that intensely. That is why it is important to Warm Up and Cool Down! Again, for the first week I would recommend this jelq/stretch routine with a one day on, one day off schedule for seven days.


To start off Week Two, I recommend the same one day on, one day off schedule, and increasing the Number of Sets you do from four to six, and add another two minutes of stretching to that. By week three you should have overcome any discomfort or confusion. Now, I would do five sets of 50, with two two minute stretching sessions afterwards. By the fourth week, you should be able to come up with your own routine, but if not, this one will work fine as long as you keep increasing the number of sets, or number of strokes in each set.


Right now i stick to a one day on, one day off, four to six sets of 50, with plenty of stretching, and Kegels. Yep… you heard me… KEGELS  


REST SCHEDULE: Your rest schedule should be treated just as importantly as your jelqing schedule. Remember, tissue does not grow when working it out (tearing it), it grows when it is RESTING. So while your member is resting on its days off, it would be a good idea to spoil it like a Pharaoh. Plenty of the Penis healthy foods I included in the NUTRITION section, A nice warm hand towel wrap to relax the tissue and let the blood flow, and a gentle massage with a nice nurturing lotion or oil will help your recovery periods. This is also important to ensure the tissue comes back stronger and healthier, ready for the next round of Pud Pulling.


STRETCHING AND KEGELS: Stretching has been essential to my jelqing routine. It is also thought to be oldest form of penis enlargement. When stretching your penis, grip at the base of the glans (where you stop your jelq stroke) and pull outwards… its that simple. It is also a good idea to massage lightly, and or do kegels while stretching.  Right now i stretch for two-minute intervals, but i recommend one minute at first, until you are sure of it. I have seen devices that claim to enlarge your penis by stretching it (even tried one), but they are uncomfortable, and you do NOT need to stretch your penis for hours a day to achieve results. What I have gained from jelqing, stretching, kegels, and proper nutrition have surpassed what I though I would gain.


Kegels also help keep your erections stronger, and are the easiest form of Penis Exercise there is. To perform Kegels, just copy the same muscle contraction that you use when cutting your urine off mid-stream. These can be done anywhere, anytime 🙂 They are also the precursor to Tantra (which I will cover in a later post). I suggest at first when doing kegels, holding the muscle contraction for three to five seconds each time. You can do sets of these allowing time for rest between sets), you can just do them when you remember (give yourself a visual clue to do kegels… When i get stressed or bored), you can even do these while stretching (i would avoid this though, until you feel comfortable with BOTH).


TIPS: The best tips that I can give you is to Stick with it, follow the guide and safety precautions, follow the nutritional advice, exercise regularly, and avoid putting toxic substances into your body that harm blood and its flow, i.e… tobacco, drugs, STRESS, and alcohol. I believe this has been said a few times on this site, so here it goes again… “What You Put into Your Body IS Exactly What You Get Out of Your Body”. An overall healthy body is what you are shooting for. It is well known that if you eat well, exercise regularly, get proper rest, and avoid harmful substances, that your body will reward you with Top Performance. Add Jelqing, stretching, kegels, and foods that boost your erection strength, and you can also achieve Top Performance in the Bedroom


There are plenty of people out there who do not believe this works. I noticed results after the first month, and have not stopped since. There is NO magic Pill, or Rapid growth trick. Just like anything else, you have to stick to it, and do it properly in order to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. As I stated on the home page, I have gained a little over two inches in length, a little over an inch in girth (my fav), and my erections have NEVER been this strong or long-lasting. ALL of this without any Expensive (and questionable) pills, uncomfortable and ridiculous looking devices, or painful expensive surgery that could ruin your Prized Member for LIFE. I look forward to reading everyone’s progress in the “Member” Forum, and Happy Jelqing Everyone 🙂


Thank You