Safety First



First thing is first, SAFETY!!! You DO NOT want to harm your Member during jelqing, or any other time for that matter. I am by NO means a medical professional. Everything that I put forward on this site is from my own experience and research. And… if you do decide to jelq, PLEASE follow these safety precautions.


  • Rule number one should not be overlooked. Always, always warm up! As with any exercise routine, warming up is crucial to preventing injury by relaxing the tissue before doing anything that causes strain on it.


  • Rule number two should be considered just as important as rule number one. ALWAYS cool down! After putting strain on tissue and muscle, it is important to massage and relax the tissue to help ensure proper recovery.


There is ONE more rule that I recommend, and that is do not jelq while erect. While this is definitely up for debate, it seems Too Risky. I recommend jelqing while between 40-70% erect.  Proper warm-up and cool-down WILL definitely help reduce any risk of injury to your prized Member. Other than that I recommend Always using lubrication. I have read before that some have used a “dry” jelq method. All of the articles I read on “dry” jelqing recommended against it, so I will not include it here. For lubrication I recommend using a personal lubricant such as KY, or others on the market (I personally prefer KY). I also use a mild bar soap with moisturizers (in the shower), or a Cocoa Butter lotion (Cocoa Butter is said to have good Antioxidant characteristics, Deep Hydration, and can help fight off stretch marks, and age spots). Try all three types of lubrication to see what fits you best. NOTE: Always be sure to rinse off ALL residual (whatever you use), to prevent chafing, ingrown hairs, and Bacteria!


As with ANY type of physical activity or exercise program, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!! If you feel pain or discomfort from jelqing, I recommend stopping immediately. Until you are sure what is going on, or if pain persists, seek professional medical treatment. At first you might be a little sore from jelqing. I experienced this also. But…  Lucky for me I remembered Rule #1, and Rule #2. I cannot stress this enough PLEASE FOLLOW RULE #1, AND RULE #2. The tenderness I experienced at first was mild, and I soon realized that with a proper warmup and cool-down session, these mild pains would soon go away. You will find your rhythm soon enough, and will be on your way to Safe jelqing.


Thank you for reading this Post. Soon I will have a social media contest (with prize) to make sure everyone is reading my Safety Message first. So please Be-Safe and read on.


Thank you