“Member” Forum

Welcome Veteran and Newbie jelqers. This is where we may share our success stories, and not so successful stories. The forum is provided for all of us to share our progress and post any concerns.

I will frequently be running contests on this site, and Rewards will be given in the form of gift cards, and monthly drawings for community involvement. Sharing on social media or your own website, and posting here will put you in the running for the monthly drawings. I will also be offering up gift card prizes to those who stay involved with jelqingguide and share their progress with the rest of us.

Remember there will be NO posting of pictures of anyone’s penis on here. We will be relying on honesty and integrity. Upvoting from the community will also help weed out those who… embellish

Thank you everyone and happy jelqing. let’s help create the REAL self-improvement Revolution for Men.


One thought on ““Member” Forum

  1. Lets get this “Member” Forum started šŸ™‚ My name is Joshua and I have been jelqing for two years and three months. In that time, I have gained a little over two inches in length, and just over an inch in girth. I have tried Purple Pills šŸ™‚ and Stretching Devices, but nothing has come close to what jelqing, stretching, kegels, and a proper diet have done for my Penis Health. I am happy to share my journey and this information with you, and I welcome all feedback. Thank You


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