Pulling Your Pud Past 40 During The Pandemic.

UPDATE: The APP is now FREE (with ads) on the Google Play Store…

Ok guys. Time to be honest. During this past year or so during lockdown, have your bad habits worsened? You know… The drinking more, smoking more, excessive masterbating, eating worse, exercising less, type of bad habits? How well do you think this is playing on your Penis Health? I would almost certainly guarantee that it’s NOT having a very good impact. Why? Because these types of habits are the ones that cause your erections to get weaker over time. It’s been a very long year + of our daily routines being upended in so many ways. All of these sudden and dramatic changes has left a lot of men stressed out. You can absolutely bet that the extra stress plays a huge part in decreased erection strength. Add all of the other wonderful things that naturally happen to our bodies as we age and you got yourself a Lazy Richard, or a Stubborn Pedro… A Limp Dick!

So… What to do about it then? You could spend a lot of money on Viagra or Cialis. You could get expensive Phalloplasty. Or, you can smoke less, drink less, eat healthier, and exercise more. Oh yeah… And there’s Jelqing. What is Jelqing you ask? Only an ancient, time honored, penis strengthening exercise that can be done in private, at home, without spending any more than 99¢ on an APP, and assuming you already have some Vaseline, lotion, or lube. If not, I recommend Coco Butter lotion for this.

Seriously Men. As you age, any and every thing will stop you from having a full erection. From the more serious issue of Erectile Dysfunction, down to your kids ruining the moment. Eating like crap, sitting on your ass too much, and indulging in the habits that you KNOW will contribute to your prized “member” not working at full strength is what is really going on . Things like smoking Cigga-RATS, drinking too much alcohol, watching waaaaayyyyy too much porn from your new home office, need I go on? Sounds like I’m lecturing you huh? Good! Someone needs to. Nuff said about that. But hey, if you don’t care that your erection is getting weaker, while many other guys are taking serious steps to Improve their erection, then why are you still reading anyway. Let them have all the fun! On the other hand, if you do care about your erections being stronger than ever withOUT spending a lot of money on pills that you shouldn’t be putting into your body anyway, then you need to download my Jelqing Guide!

Jelqing Guide shows you how to jelq properly, but also shows you nutrition Information for optimal penis health, and helps put you in a better mindset when it comes to Penis Health. It’s available on the Google Play Store as an APP for 99¢. It is available on our Etsy shop as a smaller size PDF for 99¢ also. It’s only a seven page read, but the information is priceless to your Penis Health.

So… Let’s recap. Age + Poor Diet + Smoking Cigga-RATS + Excessive Alcohol Consumption + Too Much Masterbation = One VERY unhealthy penis. Jelqing just 20 minutes, three times a week, along with a Penis Healthy diet, and just moderate exercise can change all of that for you. There is NO magic pill, you must do some kind of work in anything in life to get a REAL return from it.

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